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A Community Savings Account (CSA) offers you an opportunity to give back to the towns you’ve called home. A CSA is a fund to support basic needs and enhance the quality of life within a community in South Dakota. It is permanently endowed meaning your gift is never “used up.” With our careful investment, your gift will grow within the CSA and support annual awards in perpetuity. With a CSA, a community is able to ensure that their hometown continues to thrive and prosper for years to come.

All CSAs, regardless of size, act and feel like their own local foundation. That’s because every CSA has its own local board of directors to raise and distribute funds. The money raised in your community, stays in your community. We partner with the local board to make grant distributions meeting the current and future needs of the community.

CSAs exist in more than seventy communities across South Dakota. If a CSA is already established in your community, use the Find a Fund feature below to find your community's CSA and make a donation online or find out more. If a CSA does not exist, learn how you can start a CSA.

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