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We are so proud of the generous people who have helped us establish more than 850 endowed funds and so impressed by all the work that's been funded with SDCF grants. We'll never stop saying good things about our donors and the nonprofits and communities we support—and we're humbled that they feel the same.

If you are unsure about what the South Dakota Community Foundation is and what we stand for, here's what others had to say.

"The South Dakota Community Foundation connects people who can work together for the greater good. They were instrumental in connecting Feeding South Dakota with a benefactor who was willing to make a challenge gift that could act as a catalyst for others to give to our Agency Endowment Fund. These are dollars that will make an incredible difference in the lives of South Dakotans suffering from the pain of an empty stomach.”

—Matt Gassen, Executive Director of Feeding South Dakota

"Whether large or small, our donors have appreciated that our investments and their gifts are being handled by the SDCF. The SDCF has resources that can provide more detailed information than we might have to donors and advice to staff. Overall, it gives a level of transparency and trust to our donors that funds invested with the Boys & Girls Club Endowment are being handled well.”

—Vanessa Merhib, Executive Director of the Brookings Boys & Girls Club

"When we decided to donate a portion of a parcel of appreciated farm land to establish Designated Funds for the benefit of both Presentation College and Northern State University, the South Dakota Community Foundation proved to be the perfect vehicle to accept the gift and manage the Funds. It is gratifying to watch the Designated Funds grow and to know that the schools and their students will benefit for years to come.”

—Rod and Glenna Fouberg, Designated Fund Holders

"I encourage others in our state to partner with the South Dakota Community Foundation. They are efficient and experienced in handling restricted funds and unrestricted funds with good oversight on choosing grant recipients. It has quality people on the staff and board, professional management for investments and promotes philanthropy."

—Dale Larson, SDCF Donor and Advocate