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COVID-19 Matching Funds available to SDCF Community Savings Account (CSA) Partners

To aid South Dakota communities in need due to the coronavirus outbreak, the South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) is providing matching funds to our community savings account (CSA) partners. Limited dollars available to match CSA grants for COVID-19 needs. Please reach out to us. As a statewide community foundation, we work to serve and strengthen communities across South Dakota every day. We are committed to working with communities and nonprofits as they deal with the myriad of issues posed by coronavirus. We appreciate the opportunity to respond to our partners, and together with your help, we will continue to build a stronger South Dakota. Thank you.

Over $179,000 has been distributed through July 31st, 2020 toward grants given from partner CSAs to nonprofits addressing coronavirus needs. Learn more here- SDCF Teams Up with Local Community Foundations in COVID Response - June, 2, 2020

  • Maximum of $5,000 in matching funds per CSA parent fund. 
  • CSAs may apply again even if they received matching funds previously in 2020.
  • Limited funds. Apply ASAP.

These matching funds are for grants distributed by CSAs addressing the needs of those affected by coronavirus in their area, whether due to actual infection by the virus or by efforts to curb or prevent infections. The latter include the ramifications of such actions as closing schools and universities, canceling large gatherings and events, business closures and job losses, and other proactive interventions that nonetheless cause significant disruption and hardship. We encourage you to reach out to local leaders and ask how your CSA can be of assistance.

Examples of immediate need (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Access to food.  With recent school closures, many children are missing out on daily food service and access to weekend backpack programs.
  • Shortage of volunteers.  Social distancing protocol has many stepping back from their volunteer duties, requiring many nonprofits to reevaluate how they deliver services to those in need. 
  • Healthcare sector support.  Coronavirus poses unique challenges to educating, diagnosing and treating patients.
  • Human services sector support.  Many families need childcare and other supportive services.

Listed below are a few distribution highlights/ideas:

  • Food pantries
  • Backpack programs
  • Senior Meals (meals on wheels programs)
  • Nonprofit daycares to assist with wages and other costs
  • Economic development assistance for businesses (only can distribute to a 501c3 nonprofit)
  • Face masks and other personal protective equipment for local clinic/healthcare providers
  • Tablets for telehealth work

Want to apply?
Coronavirus Response: CSA Matching Funds Application


  • Must be an existing community savings account (CSA) with SDCF.
  • The organization receiving a grant must be addressing a need due to coronavirus.
  • CSA must provide matching funds.
  • Must distribute to a verified 501c3 nonprofit. Expenditure responsibility is not allowed for these matching funds.