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December 18, 2020-Providing Food for the Homebound

The South Dakota Community Foundation congratulates Meals on Wheels Western South Dakota on securing a $20,000 South Dakota Fund grant award. Meals on Wheels serves hot, nutritious meals to over 1,400 Western South Dakota seniors each weekday. Since the advent of the pandemic crisis, Meals on Wheels has seen a dramatic increase in demand for meals. They have met this growing need despite the declining availability of volunteers. They are considering solutions that would allow them to continue serving at capacity.

December 9, 2020-Keeping Healthcare Accessible
The Good Shepherd Clinic was a recent recipient of a $9,000 South Dakota Fund grant award from the South Dakota Community Foundation. The Good Shepherd Clinic is a free walk-in clinic located in Spearfish, South Dakota. The clinic is open to financially qualified, uninsured patients ages 19 to 64. The clinic closed in March of 2020 due to COVID-19 and re-opened in August. Patients are served while maintaining the Centers for Disease Control’s recommended guidelines for proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and social distancing. Funds were used to cover operational expenses incurred for necessary PPE.

October 7, 2020-State's Nonprofits Continue to Feel Effects of Coronavirus

Many of South Dakota’s nonprofits have had to completely change their normal way of doing business in order to continue providing services for their clients and communities. At the same time, their typical fundraising efforts have had to be cancelled. Through the generosity of their donors, the South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) has been able to provide some much-needed support statewide.

June 2, 2020-Getting Help Where It's Needed

The South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) continues to receive applications daily from nonprofits related to the Coronavirus and its impact on their organizations. This virus has impacted all of us and nothing is the same for individuals or nonprofits trying to navigate these waters.  Six grants were recently awarded to organizations around South Dakota to address various needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Grants totaling $53,500 will address basic food and shelter needs produced by the Coronavirus as well as material support for healthcare workers and first responders.

June 2, 2020-SDCF Teams up with Local Community Foundations in COVID response

The South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) and foundations in communities around the state have distributed more than $250,000 in grants to address the local impact of COVID-19 on the state. Grants totaling more than $145,000 made by 37 Community Savings Account (CSA) partners of SDCF have been matched by over $120,000 in grants from SDCF.

May 26, 2020-SDCF's Coronavirus Response Continues

The South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) recently awarded eight grants to organizations around South Dakota to address various needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Grants totaling $110,000 will address basic food and shelter needs produced by the Coronavirus as well as material support for healthcare workers and first responders.

April 14, 2020-The Coronavirus Response….Meeting the Challenge Statewide​

The SDCF is pleased to announce funding has been provided to the following nonprofits to address immediate concerns: American Red Cross, Feeding South Dakota, Helpline Center, Lutheran Social Services, Partnership for Native Americans, The Salvation Army and eleven Adult Nutrition centers across South Dakota. Nearly $350,000 has been distributed to state-wide organizations providing front-line care to those in need.

In our efforts to aid communities and nonprofits in need due to the coronavirus outbreak, the South Dakota Community Foundation established the Coronavirus Response Fund. The Fund will provide support to verified nonprofits and community organizations directly addressing the needs of those affected by coronavirus, whether due to actual infection by the virus or by efforts to curb or prevent infections. The latter include the ramifications of such actions as closing schools and universities, canceling large gatherings and events, business closures and job losses, and other proactive interventions that nonetheless cause significant disruption and hardship.

We are still not certain of the longer-term effects the situation will have on our partners, but we are working to respond as needs arise.

In order to expedite our response, we will not be accepting grant applications for the Coronavirus Response Fund. We are working directly with partners at the state and local level. SDCF will prioritize the most immediate needs.

Examples of immediate need:

Access to food.  With recent school closures, many children are missing out on daily food service and access to weekend backpack programs.

Shortage of volunteers.  Social distancing protocol has many stepping back from their volunteer duties, requiring many nonprofits to reevaluate how they deliver services to those in need. 

Healthcare sector support.  Coronavirus poses unique challenges to educating, diagnosing and treating patients.

Human services sector support.  Many families need childcare and other supportive services.

As a statewide community foundation, we work to serve and strengthen communities across South Dakota every day. We are committed to working with communities and nonprofits as they deal with the myriad of issues posed by coronavirus. We appreciate the opportunity to respond to our partners, and together with your help, we will continue to build a stronger South Dakota. Thank you.