Grants from the Day County Community Foundation support nonprofit groups/organizations who are working hard to make our communities better.   These grants are selected by a volunteer board of directors.

Please review our application process and grantmaking guidelines before you begin your application to verify that your project is eligible to receive a grant from Day County Community Foundation. Questions may be directed to any Foundation board member or email.

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Application Process & Timeline

Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis:

  • 1st Quarter: February 1 - March 15 by 5:00 PM. Announcement by April 30.
  • 2nd Quarter: May 1 - June 15 by 5:00 PM. Announcement by July 31.
  • 3rd Quarter: August 1 - September 15 by 5:00 PM. Announcement by October 31.
  • 4th Quarter: November 1 - December 15 by 5:00 PM. Announcement by January 31. 

Grantmaking Guidelines

Day County Community Foundation Board of Directors will use the following criteria in awarding grants. Please use this as a guideline to determine the eligibility of your project for funding by the Foundation.

  1. Volunteerism: Projects that involve significant and continuous volunteerism support will be considered more favorably over projects with paid staff. 
  2. Partnerships: The Foundation should not be the sole funding source of any project and may make awards contingent on proof of other funding sources; however, funding percentage of total project is at the discretion of the Foundation. Grants may also be made in the form of a challenge, to be met dollar-for-dollar by other sources. The Foundation prefers to be the last funder. Grants expire one year from the date awarded; if that should happen, the Foundation welcomes the project to reapply.
  3. Discrimination: Applicants proposing services exclusively to one gender, age, or race will be closely scrutinized for discriminatory practices. Funding will be based on the needs of the individuals being served.
  4. Innovation: The Foundation’s goal is to fund a mix of ongoing, established projects as well as new, innovative projects that address a community need or concern.
  5. Fund Distribution: Funds will be distributed to projects that meet the needs of the Day County area best. The Foundation favors capital projects with a long-term impact on a large number of people. All equipment must be maintained for a minimum of three years. The Foundation will not fund other endowments.
  6. Project Longevity: Projects may be ongoing, or begin and end in the same calendar year. While applications for multi-year funding are encouraged, there is no promise of funds for future years.
  7. Seed Grants: Start-up fund applications will be more favorably looked upon with documentation that indicates a need for the project, support for the project, and the ongoing probability of its success.
  8. Technical Assistance: Consultant and technical assistance may be funded only if essential to achieving project objectives.
  9. Loans: The Foundation will not issue loans.
  10. Trips: The Foundation does not fund trips, camps, entertainment, membership expenses and/or ongoing operational costs of organizations.
  11. Public/Private: The board will concentrate on funding public non-profit organizations, but not to the exclusion of organizations that meet these grant guidelines.
  12. Exceptions: The Foundation may allow for an exception to these guidelines upon a motion duly made, seconded and carried by 2/3 of voting members present.
  13. Grant Review Process:  Applications will be considered and prioritized according to these guidelines at the Foundation’s regularly scheduled board meetings. The Foundation’s full board will review applications and make awards.
  14. Communication with Applicants:  The Foundation will notify all applicants in writing on or prior to the announcement date. All decisions will be held in confidence until announced by the Foundation Board or their duly appointed spokesperson.
  15. Final Evaluation:  Following the grant award, projects will be required to submit a report to the Foundation explaining the use of funds and success of the project. Photos and news articles encouraged.

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