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Phyllis Hanse was a beloved resident of Webster, South Dakota, who was passionate about music, youth, her church, and her community. When Phyllis passed away in 2016, she left a legacy of generosity for the Webster community that will last for generations to come.

Phyllis was an only child herself with no children of her own but was a favorite among Webster Area School students. She was passionate about supporting youth programs -- especially education and music -- and enjoyed attending local music and sporting events.

Phyllis was also an active and engaged member of the local St. John’s Lutheran Church in Webster and was a large part of their music program. She taught piano lessons in the area for many years.

In line with her love for youth, Phyllis established the Hanse Family Fund at the South Dakota Community Foundation to provide financial support to the public library and youth activities in Webster as designated by the donor.

Application Process

Please review our application process and grantmaking guidelines before you begin your application to verify that your project is eligible to receive a grant from the Hanse Family Fund. Questions may be directed to any Foundation board member or email.

Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis:

  • 1st Quarter: February 1 - March 15 by 5:00 PM. Announcement by April 30.
  • 2nd Quarter: May 1 - June 15 by 5:00 PM. Announcement by July 31.
  • 3rd Quarter: August 1 - September 15 by 5:00 PM. Announcement by October 31.
  • 4th Quarter: November 1 - December 15 by 5:00 PM. Announcement by January 31.

Grantmaking Guidelines:

  1. Applications will be directed to an advisory council of three individuals. The final decision will be made by Day County Community Foundation Board of Directors following the review of all applications received and the advisory council’s recommendations. Funding to Webster Public Library will be based on need in cooperation with Day County Community Foundation Board, Webster City Council, and Webster Public Library Board.
  2. Funding for youth activities will be based upon the following priorities:
    • Capital improvement projects to include infrastructure and equipment
    • Investments in programs which will have a long-term impact on youth of the community
    • As an example, trips, camps, entertainment, membership expenses and/or ongoing operation costs of youth organizations do not fall in line with these priorities and Phyllis Hanse’s philosophy.
  3. The percentage funded of the total project will be determined at the discretion of the Foundation and advisory council.
  4. Applicants must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Webster, South Dakota.
  5. Applications must impact those that are 18 or under.
  6. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their project with a Foundation board member prior to submitting an application.
  7. The organization will also refer to the Day County Community Foundation general grantmaking guidelines.

All grantees must submit a final report to the Foundation following project completion.

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