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Faith Area Community Foundation

Welcome to the Faith Area Commuinty Foundation website.  We are one of 78 Community Savings Accounts in South Dakota.  Even though we are an agent of the South Dakota Community Foundation, we are able to accept and administer charitable gifts, give good grants to our local nonprofit groups and organizations, and also give scholarships to hopeful young people from our region.  Our volunteer board members work hard to ensure funds are going to groups and organizations that need it most.

Money Raised Here, Stays Here

A Community Savings Account (CSA) offers you an opportunity to give a perpetual gift to the community of Faith.  The fund is invested by the SDCF and 4.5% of the average value is available to give back to nonprofits each year.  As the fund grows, so does our ability to make a local impact.  Our board of directors gives grants to support basic needs and enhance the quality of life in and around Faith

When you give to our local foundation, your gift will continue to generate money for generations to come since the principal will never be spent.  In addition, the grants we will be able to give out in the near future will all be decided by a local board of directors who understand the needs of the community.  

Giving back to the Faith Area Community Foundation

Sometimes donors have questions about how to give back to their community.  If you would like to give back to the Faith Area Communty Foundation, but are not sure where to begin, contact the SDCF.  Gifts may come in many forms: 

Commodity (Grain, corn, cattle)
Land (Offset capital gains tax)
Automatic Bank Transfers
Cars, Coins, Collectables
Gift of Stock
Gift of Insurance Benefits
Gift of Retirement Benefits
Remember Faith in your estate