Freeman Community Foundation

Thanks for your interest in the Freeman Community Foundation (FCF). This website is for visitors to learn more about FCF and how you can share your vision into the future for the community of Freeman.

If you are new to the FCF, you may want to start out learning more about FCF's history, mission, and vision for the future. We also encourage you to meet the Board of Directors of FCF and read the latest Message from the Chairman.

The community foundation concept only becomes a reality through the generosity of the donors who believe in the mission. We are happy to recognize those donors and those who are memorialized and honored with gifts that keep on giving.

If becoming a donor is of interest to you, we offer ideas on ways to give and tips on giving wisely. We also try to answer some of the questions people ask when considering the variety of reasons to give.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspects of the Freeman Community Foundation are the grants that are made possible. Here we give you an opportunity to see some of the recipients of past grants awarded. If you are curious how your organization could benefit from an FCF grant, we encourage you to check into how to apply, look at the guidelines, and consider submitting an application.

We are very proud of the fact that FCF has been able to direct 100% of donor contributions into the endowment fund. To be able to keep donations from being used for operations, we also want to say thank you to the friends of FCF that have made that possible. For more information on the financial status of FCF, take a look at the current financial report.

Be sure to stop by again to find out about current FCF news and events as well as new donors and grant recipients. If you have any questions or comments please contact us, and we will be happy to personally respond.