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The most rewarding aspect of the foundation is the good that is made possible through the funding of worthwhile projects. Although there is typically more demand than funds available, the grants that can be funded have a positive impact on the Freeman community and will continue to benefit projects year after year.

Here are a few examples of the grants awarded by the Freeman Community Foundation. Click here for a listing of all grants awarded by the Freeman Community Foundation.

2016 Recipients

First Circuit CASA Program - $500

Freeman Baseball Association - $5,000

Freeman Volunteer Fire Dept - $ 5,000

Growing Dreams Learning Center - $ 2,000

Grant Making Guidelines

Freeman Community Foundation (FCF) will strive to support a broad spectrum of projects intended to improve and enhance the Freeman community. Determination of recommendation for approval will be based upon need, creativity in addressing community concerns, community volunteer support, and accountability. FCF funds will NOT be awarded to subsidize normal operating expenses. FCF will NOT consider any loan requests. 

As a general guideline, no more than three years of sequential grant funding shall be awarded to any one grantee for the same purpose. If projects require substantial funding to accomplish objectives, applicants should indicate intent to request additional funding in subsequent grant cycles. No guarantee of continued funding will be committed until future grant applications are reviewed. Previously funded projects with good track records should be favorably considered in subsequent grant decisions. 

The Freeman Community Foundation encourages match funding. When the Board perceives the need for more local involvement and support of a given project in order to establish ownership by the community, it may require challenge grants in any proportion. Grant funding may be contingent upon acquisition of the required matching money. 

Applications received from a partnership of two or more organizations will be considered if their proposal meets the guidelines of the Foundation. However, communications and accountability must be established with one organization. 

Grant applications will be considered twice each year. The deadlines are May 1 and November 1. The Grantmaking Committee will review all applications, prioritize the applications, and make its recommendations to the full board. The full board will review the recommendations of the Grantmaking Committee and submit a request to South Dakota Community Foundation for funding. 

All applicants will be informed in writing within two weeks of the Board meeting as to the status of their application. The Board will hold decisions in confidence until publicly announced. 

A final evaluation report shall be submitted to the Foundation immediately following project completion where Foundation funds were used. Applicants shall inform the Foundation in writing of any significant changes in grant applicant status, organizational status, or project implementation information. 

The Board may make an exception to any printed policy upon motion duly made, seconded and carried by 2/3 of the members present and voting. Motion must state rationale for the exception. Exceptions taken in one instance do not establish precedent for future grant decision.

How to Apply

To apply submit a grant request application to FCF at the address listed on the contact page. You may download and print the application through the link, or you may pick up the application and guidelines at the Freeman Development Coordinators office, Merchants State Bank, or the Freeman Courier.