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Named Partner Funds

Individuals, families, and organizations can establish their own named fund under the umbrella of HCF with the minimum of a $100,000 deposit. Donations can be made to any Named Fund by contacting HCF.

Craig Matthesen Fund

The Craig Matthesen Fund was provided for in his estate plan and was created at his passing in March 2016. Craig left appoximately $1 Million of his estate to benefit the Huron Community Foundation, and also set up a fund of an equal amount for students studying journalism and business at Chadron State College and the Chadron Youth Baseball Organization. The gifts are to be made in perpetuity and are expected to increase over time.

The Matthesen Family Fund is a permanent legacy created by Craig for the benefit of the community where he lived and worked. "Craig gave to three things he cherished: baseball, the Huron community, and South Dakota," said his brother Larry Matthesen. "He felt the S.D. Community Foundation was the best way to use the money."

Matthesen remembered that when growing up in Chadron, Neb., an individual left money to the community after passing away. With the gift, the town built a new baseball field for the entire community to enjoy. The concept of that selfless act stuck with Matthesen throughout his lifetime, and he decided to carry it on with an estate gift to the Huron Community Foundation to benefit the Huron community, Chadron State College and the baseball program in Chadron.

Matthesen owned and operated Freeze Frame Video in Huron, where he resided for about 15 years.  He also had video stores in Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota.  Matthesen poured himself into starting and making his business a success. He also actively gave back during his life by mentoring the young people he hired to work in his store. For many of them, working at Freeze Frame was their first job.

After moving from Huron, Matthesen lived in Las Vegas, Nev., and also owned a condominium in Hill City, S.D., at the time of his death at age 65.

Matthesen, a gifted photographer and journalist, majored in psychology and had a minor in sociology at Chadron State, and took News and Feature Writing as a senior in the spring of 1974, sparking his interest in journalism.

He was an avid sports fan who played baseball from Little League through the American Legion level as a youth.  He also coached the Chadron Junior Legion teams. As he was nearing graduation from college, he was the sports editor of the Chadron Record. Later, he was a sportswriter for the Scottsbluff Star-Herald and an editor for newspapers at Tekamah, Neb., and Dickinson, N.D.

Matthesen retired in 2000 at age 50 and frequently traveled during his 15 years of retirement. He visited Europe, attended the weddings for his niece in New York and nephew in California and major league baseball games in Boston and New York, primarily to watch the Yankees, his favorite team.  In addition, he and lifelong friend Kevin Donohue attended several postseason college basketball tournaments.

Grants Awarded
Community Development Foundation
Heartland Rodeo Association
Huron Community Campus
Huron Parks & Recreation Wobbegongs Swim Team

Huron Public School District

Izaak Walton League

Pheasants Forever

Entwisle Family Fund

The Entwisle Family Fund was established by retired Huron business owners Bob and Emily Entwisle. An initial donation of $250,000 to the HCF was used to establish the Fund. In addition to their initial gift, the Entwisles also set up a trust that will be added to the Entwisle Family Fund at a later date.

The Foundation is honored that the Entwisle family has recognized the work of the HCF and will be making an everlasting impact on improving the Huron community through their donation. The fund is permanently endowed within the HCF, with interest earnings distributed annually with guidance from the Entwisle family.

Bob and Emily Entwisle are well known Huron area business owners, having owned and operated Welter Funeral Home for over 40 years. The family has been very active in community service throughout their lives, and contacted the HCF wanting to expand their passion for Huron on a permanent basis by creating an endowment.

According to Bob, the donation was one of the easiest decisions they ever made. “Emily and I are so lucky to have moved to Huron; the community has been a wonderful place to work, live, and raise our family,” said Bob.

Sharing this sentiment, Emily added, “We owe this community so much for welcoming us, supporting our business, educating our children, and allowing us the great privilege to have helped area families through the difficult times surrounding the loss of a loved one.”

The couple said they have been very impressed with the impact made by the Huron Community Foundation. “We can see where they are really making a difference for dozens of organizations and countless people across the community; that was important to us,” said Emily. “By making this gift now, rather than in our estate planning, we can see the beginning fruits of this gift while Bob and I are still living to see the impact for Huron residents.”

Grants Awarded

Huron Hockey Association
Huron Housing Partnership
Heartland Rodeo Association
Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau-Leadership Huron
People's Transit

Wheeler Family Fund

The Wheeler Family Fund was established by Wheeler family members residing in Beadle County to benefit the Huron community.

The Wheeler Family - Rick, Ron, Brian, Kirke and June - started the fund with an initial $100,000.00 contribution to the Huron Community Foundation.  The donation establish the Wheeler Family Fund in memory of their parents - Kirke and Maurine Wheeler; grandparents - John and Leila Wheeler; and brother and husband - Dr. Jeff Wheeler.

The Wheeler Family has been part of Huron since the late 1800s when their great uncle Holland Wheeler started Wheeler Drug Store which continued in business under John Wheeler until his death in 1962. Kirke Wheeler then changed it to Wheelers, Inc. and sold office, school and janitor supplies. 

It is from the hard work of their ancestors that the Wheeler Family is able to establish this fund.  The Huron Community Foundation provides for the contribution to be retained forever, with the income each year being available for distribution to various Huron organizations.

The Huron Community Foundation Board of Directors oversees the fund and makes gifts each year with the guidance of representatives from the Wheeler Family.

The Huron Community Foundation appreciates this generous gift from the Wheeler family to establish the perpetual Wheeler Family Fund. It will have lasting future benefits to the Huron community.

Grants Awarded
American Legion Auxiliary
Centennial Stone Church Center
City of Huron
First Assembly of God

Huron Area Community Theater

Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau-Leadership Huron

Huron Public School District

Nordby Center for Recreation

Riverside Cemetery

Riverview United Methodist Church

Royal Family Kids James River

Tennis Everyone

United Way of Huron


Huron Events Center Endowment Fund
  • Huron Event Center Endowment Fund was established to provide future grant funds for Huron Event Center improvements. Grants are directed by the City of Huron.
Mencke Family Fund

Jerry and Sandra Mencke of Huron recently established the “Jerry & Sandra Mencke Family Fund” under the umbrella of the Huron Community Foundation, according to Foundation President Steve Gohn. 

“The Mencke’s have quietly funded projects on their own over the years,” said Gohn. “However, they decided to take the next step and set up a fund to give back to a community where they are lifelong residents.”

Jerry Mencke said they made the contribution because they wanted to belong to an organization that will help fund worthwhile projects. “We want to provide an example for our children and grandchildren so they can experience what they have done in being able to help others,” said Mencke. 

Sandra Mencke added that they wanted to help address Huron’s community needs. “There are many important projects that do not get completed due to a lack of funds available,” said Sandra.  “We wanted to help be a part of the solution and give our family a part in helping to select organizations to receive support from our fund.” 

Gohn said the Huron Community Foundation is honored to have another sub-fund established that will benefit Huron for decades to come, as only the interest is used for grants.  “The Mencke family will make the decision on where they want the funds to go when the grant requests come in for review,” said Gohn.

Jerry worked for International Harvester, later Olsen Implement, for 47 years.  Sandra worked for USDA/Rural Development for 27 years.  They have been married for 52 years.  They have three grown children:  Ken, a computer programmer in Minneapolis; Kurt, a colonel in the Air Force, and Kim (Jeff) DeVries of Huron, a Pharmacist.  They have eight grandchildren.

The Huron Community Foundation (HCF) is a community savings account which benefits the Huron community.  Individuals, families, and organizations can establish their own fund under the umbrella of HCF as a sub-fund. The HCF in turn invest the funds with the South Dakota Community Foundation, who handles the administration and investment management of individual funds around the state.

For more information about contributing to the Huron Community Foundation, or setting up a dedicated sub-fund, contact Steve Gohn at or 605-354-1118.

Grants Awarded
Huron Chamber and Visitors Bureau-Leadership Huron
Jan Manolis Family Safe Center

Schiltz Family Fund

The Terry and Nancy Schiltz family of Huron has become the latest donor to the Huron Community Foundation (HCF), with a $100,000 gift announcement Wednesday morning.
The donation will bring the HCF total to $3.5 million and joins the Schiltz Family Fund with other donors, including Jerry and Sandra Mencke, Bob and Emily Entwisle, the Wheeler Family and the Craig Matthesen Fund, under the HCF umbrella.

“We really feel that this is a good way to give back to the community,” said Nancy Schiltz at the Wednesday notification conference. “I like the approach that the Foundation has toward improving housing in the community, and believe that better housing leads to more people.”

Terry Schiltz said that after he and his wife had sold the final portion of their AgSense business in Huron, it was a way to give something back, while also leveraging funding for HCF, through the S.D. Community Foundation challenge.

“The S.D. Community Foundation extended a challenge to participating communities,” explained HCF board chairman Steve Gohn, “that if the local foundation could raise $200,000 of new donations, that it would match that with a $25,000 donation.”

“Steve contacted us and it just seemed like the right time,” Terry Schiltz said. “Huron Community Foundation is a good conduit for non-profits to get help with their projects in the community,” Nancy added. “You can see the impact that its work does.”

The 53-year-old Terry Schiltz said he is now retired, “Although my daughter pointed out that I am really unemployed!” he said. “We have a lot of different projects we are looking at and are seeking new opportunities as well.” Nancy, who is 52, said she looks forward to doing more volunteer work in the community. The couple has a son, Walker, who is a senior at Huron High School, and a daughter, Brooke, who is a junior.

The Schiltz Family Fund gift pushes the total of new donations to the HCF to $177,000, Gohn said. The challenge from SDCF is through December of 2021. “The challenge is that when you have raised $100,000 the local foundation receives $12,500,” Gohn said, “which we have received.”

Funds for the Huron Community Foundation are pooled with those of other communities in the state, under the management of the S.D. Community Foundation. Each year, interest from the HCF fund is available for grants to local non-profit organizations for the betterment of the community.

“We’re very grateful for the gift from the Schiltz family,” Gohn said, “and excited to see our donations increase toward the challenge.”