About Us

Across South Dakota, people are enhancing their communities through generous donation to Community Savings Accounts. Children are learning new skills; business districts are growing with new opportunities; and non-profit and charitable organizations are benefiting from funding provided by their Community Savings Account.

Community Savings Accounts are permanently endowed component funds of the South Dakota Community Foundation, a public non-profit organization established in 1987 to provide funds to non-profit and charitable organizations across the state of South Dakota. The earnings from the fund are awarded by the Mellette County Community Foundation Board of Directors to non-profit and charities right here in Mellette County.

Mellette County:
Meeting the Challenges of the Future

The Community Savings Account concept is about giving something back to your community. Many Community Savings Accounts start as a challenge to the community at large. A foundation, bank or corporation or individual may issue a challenge to a community to raise money to start a Community savings account. The challenge may provide for a two-to-one or even a dollar-for-dollar match of contributions the public makes up to a certain amount. The value of your donation is increased through the matching gift.

How the savings Account Works

The Mellette County Savings Account is held as an advised fund with the South Dakota Community Foundation.

The South Dakota Foundation allows each fund to distribute five percent of the fund’s average fair market value each year.


Community Savings Account $100,000
Earnings (7.6 percent average) $7,600
Grant Distributions (5 percent) $(5,000)
Administrative Fee (1.1 percent) $(1,100)
New Account Balance $101,500