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These forms and guides help CSA leaders understand their fund’s finances, award grants, and run a successful CSA. All forms can be emailed to us, or submitted to the SDCF office:

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Running a CSA

Sample Fund Statement

Not familiar with CSA fund statements or need a refresher? Our sample fund statement explains each item on your statement.

Giving grants from your CSA

Sample CSA Grant Application

What information should you request from grant applicants? Our sample CSA grant application gives you a template to start with.

Grant Distribution Request

Ready to award a grant? The grant distribution request lets CSA board members grant awards from your CSA fund. Send the signed and completed form to the SDCF office and we will issue the grant checks you requested.

CSA Scholarship Distribution Request

Ready to award a scholarship? The CSA scholarship distribution request lets CSA board members authorize scholarship awards from your CSA fund. Send the signed and completed form to the SDCF office and we will issue the scholarship checks you requested.

CSA Direct Fund Expense Request

Need to cover operational expenses? The CSA direct fund expense request lets you pay for expenses incurred while advancing the mission of your local CSA. Typical expenses include costs associated with fundraising, marketing, and board development. Send the signed and completed form to the SDCF office and we will issue the direct fund expense checks you requested.

Grant Acceptance Policy

If your CSA grantee is not an IRS-verified nonprofit with a valid tax ID number, they are required to sign a grant acceptance policy. This is part of the IRS regulations regarding expenditure responsibility. Send the signed form, along with the CSA grant application, to the SDCF office and we will work to authorize the grantee for the award and issue their check.

Growing a CSA

Welcome to Community Philanthropy: An Introduction to Community Savings Accounts

A practical guide to help you run a successful fundraising campaign and build your endowment. It will show you how to plan a campaign, find donors, and provide sample marketing tools that you can customize for your CSA.Evaluating Grants

CSA Challenge Grant Program

The South Dakota Community Foundation has dollars available for challenge grants to new or established community savings accounts. Any SDCF CSA may apply for a challenge grant but challenge grant funds are limited to dollars available. Our Development Team will work with the local community to adjust the challenge to accommodate community needs or initiatives.
Challenge Grant Guidelines

CSA Challenge Grant Application

CSA Resources

Ideas that Work

These Ideas that Work are a collection of CSA ideas from around South Dakota.  We are always interested in adding to the list, so let us know what is working best for you!

Final Evaluation Form

If your CSA awards a fund to a grantee that is not IRS-verified, they must fill out an expense report for IRS compliance. This form is filled out after the grant is awarded and the funds have been used by the organization. It details what goals were accomplished as part of the grant and requires the grantee to provide an itemized list of grant expenses. It may also be completed below:

Final Evaluation Form