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This guide will help you through the future gift planning process.  

SDCF Legacy Planning Guide

Fairy Godmother's Fund

Lend a helping hand to South Dakota women in need. 

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It all depends on you.

Anyone, regardless of wealth or position, can make a difference by giving. 

With our many fund types, including donor advised funds, scholarships and designated funds, you are able to give back to the nonprofits and communities you are passionate about. We make your donations go further and do more good for South Dakota. 

There are many reasons to partner with SDCF:

  • Lasting. Your charitable wishes will be carried out in present and future generations because of our careful investment strategies.
  • Trust. Gifts will always be administered in accordance with your wishes.
  • Experience. Our professional staff and board of directors will work hard for you and our state.
  • Effectiveness. Pooling gifts with other funds at the SDCF allows for opportunities to generate a higher rate of return on your planned giving—allowing it to reach more people.
  • Flexibility. You can make charitable giving happen at anytime to nonprofits, communities, and local causes of your choice.
  • Recognition. Unless you choose to be anonymous, your name will be honored forever.
  • Tax Advantage. You'll receive the maximum tax benefit from a gift to an endowment fund with SDCF.

Our team is immersed, every day, in the world of charitable giving to nonprofits and charitable community projects — we share that knowledge with our donors. We report on areas of need. We give you context for larger charitable efforts. We even help you find other donors who share your goals and interests in funding charitable projects in South Dakota.

Find the Right Way to Support Charitable Causes with Endowed Giving

We'll connect you with the right fund type or planned giving option that best achieves your charitable goals.

All SDCF funds are permanently endowed—meaning the principal of your charitable giving is invested. Then, earnings are made available to support the charitable causes you choose. Giving charitable gifts through an endowed fund at the SDCF ensures the impact of your gift endures for generations.    


Working on your estate plan?  Download our helpful Legacy Planning Guide.


How to Fund Charitable Endowments in South Dakota

Charitable gifts go toward South Dakota nonprofit grants, charitable causes, or directly to communities across the state. A donation to the SDCF can take a lot of different shapes—from a check to a gift of a commodity, stock or piece of land. 

If you are interested in giving back to a charitable cause or South Dakota community, we invite you to either search our existing  funds or consider establishing your own to further the causes you care about. By giving back, you will truly leave a lasting legacy for our state. You can donate to an existing fund online or contact us to create a new fund.

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