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What Is an Agency Endowment Fund?

Nonprofit organizations frequently turn to the SDCF for agency endowment funds. These funds provide an ongoing revenue stream to support the nonprofits' mission.

Agency endowment funds aid nonprofit organizations by making planned giving more efficient. This type of long-term funding solution allows nonprofits to cut back on administrative tasks and realize greater earning potential with SDCF’s help. Nonprofit organizations can continue to provide services long into the future with an agency endowment in place. 

By donating to these funds, you help the nonprofit advance their mission under the management expertise of SDCF. Any and all donations are tax­ deductible. The nonprofit agency is always the sole recipient of your donation—allowing you to give with confidence.

How You Can Donate to Endowments for Nonprofits

If you already know which nonprofit organizations you’d like to support and they have set up a designated fund, you can make a donation online by searching in the Find a Fund tool below for the organization.

If they have not set up an agency endowment fund, you can still benefit the nonprofit by starting a separate designated fund that names the organization as the beneficiary. 

If you are a nonprofit interested in setting up your own agency endowment fund, learn more about nonprofit services or contact us today.

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