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The flexibility of a private foundation—without the costs.

A donor advised fund gives you a lot of flexibility as a donor. Each year you can help decide which charitable organizations receive grants from your fund—and it doesn’t have to be the same organizations each year. Plus, it’s easy to establish and let’s you enjoy all of the advantages of working with the SDCF.

Your partnership with SDCF is turnkey. We’ll take care of the headaches of filing grant, audit, and government reports.

Your gift to the SDCF is tax-deductible. Because the fund is housed in a public charity, you’ll receive the maximum tax deduction available. You’ll also avoid excise taxes and other restrictions imposed on private foundations.

A donor advised fund costs nothing to establish. It’s also a lot more efficient to operate than a private foundation. With a donor advised fund, you won't have to pay for staffing and legal fees and we’ll provide frequent reports. You can have confidence that your fund is being well-managed.

If you’re looking to start a fund for the lowest possible cost but still want to have control over who receives grants, talk to us about starting a donor advised fund. You can also donate to your already-established donor advised fund by searching for it below.

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