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A Strong Start

The Fairy Godmother’s Fund began in 2009 with $11,000 in donations from hundreds at a women’s conference in Pierre, including $5,000 from the South Dakota Community Foundation.

With that strong foundation, the fund has continued to grow. During our eleven years of grantmaking, the endowment fund at the South Dakota Community Foundation holds nearly $314,000 and has awarded 115 grants totaling nearly $60,000.

“The needs that come before the advisory council are tangible and urgent. The Fairy Godmother’s Fund has the power and agility to meet needs that many traditional nonprofits and social service organizations are unable to fulfill. When darkness and challenges loom large, the Fairy Godmother’s Fund shines a ray of hope into the lives of South Dakota women through financial assistance.” -  said Ginger Niemann, SDCF Program Officer