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Recent Grant Awards

Grants from the Fairy Godmother's Fund benefit women in a variety of ways including:

  • Dollars were were used to purchase an iPad for a woman with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities to use at work and for budgetary, banking and other daily tasks.
  • A mother was able to purchase a bunk bed for her children instead of them having to sleep on the floor after escaping a domestic abuse situation.
  • Funds helped keep a single, gainfully employed woman afloat during the government shutdown. She had taken out a 0% loan but couldn't make dollars stretch far enough to cover all the expenses for herself and her three children.
  • A woman with young children was able to pay for a driver's education course. This allowed her the luxury of driving her children to daycare and getting herself to work.
  • A student that received funds during a difficult sememster at one of our state's technical institutes was able to graduate with her degree in hand.

How to Make a Referral to the Fairy Godmother's Fund

All requests for assistance must come from nonprofit organizations or community members. The Fairy Godmother’s Fund does not accept self-referrals. Contact the SDCF at 800.888.1842 to obtain a referral form.