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Recent Grant Awards

Grants from the Fairy Godmother's Fund benefit women in a variety of ways including:

  • A woman struggling with the after-effects of a rear end collision was able to purchase a device that cleans her BiPAP machine, which she needs to help her sleep.
  • The teenage daughter of one recipient was involved in a debilitating car accident resulting in many unexpected expenses. Your generous contribution helped alleviate some of that.
  • Dollars resulted in a woman being able to put a safe distance between her family and their abuser.
  • A woman was able to finish Grad School after receiving support for bills accumulating during her final semester. She was working full-time and finishing an internship, which was a requirement for the degree.
  • Fairy dust was sprinkled on a recipient that was suffering with numerous medical conditions. The result was that she could fill all her necessary medications without having to "pick and choose".

How to Make a Referral to the Fairy Godmother's Fund

All requests for assistance must come from nonprofit organizations or community members. The Fairy Godmother’s Fund does not accept self-referrals. Contact the SDCF at 800.888.1842 to obtain a referral form.