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Addressing the Needs of Our State

As the state continues to change and encounter new challenges, the South Dakota Fund stands ready to quickly meet vital and emerging needs within communities.

Are you looking to meet the needs of nonprofits across our state? Your gift will fund new dreams in South Dakota. The South Dakota Fund grant program has been reprioritized to focus grant making efforts on requests dealing with the Coronavirus and its impact on nonprofit organizations and those that they serve.

Apply for a South Dakota Fund Grant

Nonprofits can submit grant applications directly to the South Dakota Fund allowing us to support nonprofit organizations and the work they do across South Dakota.

The recipients of grants are selected by our own board of directors, assuring a timely response to grant requests within the state. To see recent South Dakota Fund grant awards, visit our News section.

For example, previous grant recipients have included:

Welcoming Donors to Support South Dakota

Anyone can make a donation to the South Dakota Fund.

Donors can establish a named fund within the South Dakota Fund to award grants in their family’s name forever. By giving back to the South Dakota Fund, you will truly leave a lasting legacy for our state.

Contact us to learn more about the South Dakota Fund and other donation options. Donation options can take a lot of different shapes—from a check to a gift of commodities, stocks or land.

Interested in a grant?

Visit our South Dakota Fund Grants page to learn if your nonprofit's project is eligible.

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