Hail! South Dakota!

As the state continues to change and encounter new challenges, the South Dakota Fund stands ready to quickly meet vital and emerging needs within communities. Your gift will fund new dreams and foster growth in education, culture, health, human services, and economic development in this great state.

Nonprofits can submit grant applications directly to the South Dakota Fund allowing us to support nonprofit organizations and work across South Dakota. The recipients of grants are selected by our own board of directors, giving us the ability to respond nimbly to grant requests within the state. To see recent South Dakota Fund grant awards, visit our News section.

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Anyone can make a donation online.

Donors can establish a named fund within the South Dakota Fund to award grants in their family’s name forever. Contact us to learn more about the South Dakota Fund and other donation methods.

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Visit our South Dakota Fund Grants page to learn if your nonprofit's project is eligible.

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