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Once you've identified the type of grant that is right for your organization and you've reviewed our grant guidelines, visit eGrant to begin the application process.

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The Coronavirus Impact

The Coronavirus has impacted all of our lives. Nothing is the same. So, it should not be surprising that we hit "pause" and reflected on ways we could loosen restrictions and respond to your immediate needs in a timely manner.

In the past, the South Dakota Fund grants focused on economic development, human services, health, education and cultural programs. Community Innovation Grants supported community problem-solving projects. Due to the rapidly changing circumstances, we are reprioritizing grant making efforts to focus on requests dealing with the Coronavirus and its impact on nonprofit organizations and those you serve.

To that end, to make applying for funds as easy as possible:

  • We have set aside many of our traditional Grantmaking Guidelines during this time.
  • We will only be accepting applications in eGrant through our South Dakota Fund Grant program.
  • All requests should focus on your organization's efforts to address issues brought about by the Coronavirus.
  • Answer each question as it relates to the impact the Coronavirus is having on your organization.
  • $20,000 is the maximum amount that may be requested.
  • We will consider grants for general operating funds on a case-by-case basis.

We are all in this together and want to provide as much support for your organization as possible. Stay safe and thank you for all you do to strengthen our state!

Helping You Help Others

With the South Dakota Community Foundation, you’re able to:


Grant Sources Quick List

The SDCF will only be accepting applications in eGrant through our South Dakota Fund Grant program.

South Dakota Fund Grants

The South Dakota Fund is our unrestricted fund that will address issues brought about by the Coronavirus. If your organization needs support in efforts to address these issues apply for, a South Dakota Fund grant .

Community Innovation Grants

We've partnered with the Bush Foundation to offer Community Innovation Grants. All 2020 Community Innovation Grant funds have been repurposed for Coronavirus response. Applications must be submitted through eGrant and the South Dakota Fund Grant program.

Local CSA Grants

SDCF partners with local communities to provide them with a community savings account (CSA). CSAs allow a community to invest and grow their endowment with the help of SDCF, but they still retain leadership over the administration of funds. What does this mean for your organization? If your area has a local CSA, you can apply for grants directly from the local CSA board. We can talk you through the Local Grants process and tell you who to contact.

Create a Consistent Stream of Funding

An agency endowment is a fund established in your organization's name with all proceeds designated and directed to your organization. Donors can donate directly to your organization through the fund you set up with us and know that you will receive the earnings on their gift.

An agency endowment fund also allows you to cut back on administrative tasks and realize greater earning potentials with SDCF's investment expertise. For many organizations who don't have the capacity to hire their own investment team, SDCF can help you grow your endowment and create a consistent source of funding to help your organization reach its goals.

Learn more about establishing an agency endowment fund.