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Helping Nonprofits Do More Good

An agency endowment is a fund established in your organization's name with all proceeds designated and directed to your organization. Donors can donate directly to your organization through the fund you set up with us and know that you will receive their gift. An agency endowment fund also allows you to cut back on administrative tasks and realize greater earning potentials with SDCF's investment expertise. For many organizations who don't have the capacity to hire their own investment team, SDCF can help you grow your endowment and expand your reach to new donors.

Creating an agency endowment fund begins with a conversation among the organization's team, board members and the SDCF.

Steps to setting up an agency endowment fund:

  • Decide to set up a fund. This can be the hardest step. We can help you decide if an agency endowment fund is a good fit for your organization. If you have any questions, contact us online or at 800.888.1842.
  • Sign a fund agreement. Once you've decided to start a fund, we'll meet with you and hammer out all the details together.
  • Gather donations. Once the fund is set up, the SDCF will provide administrative services to keep track of donations and IRS reporting for your organization.

Challenge Grants available

We also have challenge grants available to start your agency endowment fund. The SDCF can help connect you with benefactors who may be interested in matching funds that are raised by your nonprofit up to a set amount. It can be the catalyst you need for your fundraising efforts. Many donors like to know that their gift will be doubled.

One such challenge grant helped kick-start Feeding South Dakota's Agency Endowment Fund in late 2012:

"Because of the gift, we were able to increase our endowment fund from $10,000 to $50,000 within the first six months of the initiative."

Matt Gassen, executive director of Feeding South Dakota

The SDCF's administrative services allow a nonprofit to focus on its mission. For example, the Boys & Girls Club of Brookings has been building its agency endowment fund since 2009:

"Whether large or small, our donors have appreciated that our investments and their gifts are being handled by the SDCF. The SDCF has resources that can provide more detailed information than we might have to donors and advice to staff. Overall, it gives a level of transparency and trust to our donors that funds invested with the Boys & Girls Club Endowment are being handled well."

Vanessa Merhib, executive director of the Brookings Boys & Girls Club

Increase your donor base

The SDCF has a wide base of donors across the state. We can help connect potential donors with your nonprofit. It's just one more benefit you get from working with a statewide, public charity.

Get Started

Contact us online or at 800.888.1842 to learn more about starting an agency endowment fund.

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