$2 Million and Counting

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Minnehaha County Presentation to LSS

The South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) is pleased to announce that Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota was awarded a $30,000 grant. This brings the cumulative total of grants made in Minnehaha County from the Foundation’s unrestricted South Dakota Fund to more than $2 million. Since 1988, 215 total grants, nearly $10,000 each, have been awarded to nonprofit organizations serving Sioux Falls and other Minnehaha County communities from just the South Dakota Fund grant program alone.

“Minnehaha County is the first South Dakota county to reach this level of grants paid from the South Dakota Fund grant program”, said Stephanie Judson, President, SDCF. “We have worked with Lutheran Social Services in a variety of capacities in our history and we were very excited to learn that this specific grant pushed Minnehaha County past the $2 million threshold.”

From the very beginning, Lutheran Social Services offered hope and healing to children. The organization began in 1920 as the Lutheran Children’s Home Finding Society to help “unfortunate girls” and their children. Today, their services have grown to encompass the entire family and its needs from prevention to counseling and more. The grant to Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota will support financial and housing counseling and education to financially distressed individuals. It will help those seeking assistance in resolving or preventing money management and housing problems.

“LSS Center for Financial Resources is grateful for the grant opportunities made available through generous gifts to the South Dakota Community Foundation”, said Betty Oldenkamp, President and CEO, Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota. “We have utilized grant funds to respond to needs such as expanding access to financial literacy and home buyer education through online and video conferencing technologies. Without the support of the SDCF, people living in rural areas of our state would not have access to services that help them achieve financial stability.”

The South Dakota Fund is an unrestricted fund that makes grants in support of culture, economic development, education, health and human services. The SDCF awards grants throughout the year to nonprofits that meet vital and diverse needs across the state. Interested applicants can learn more by visiting https://sdcommunityfoundation.org/for-nonprofits/sd-fund-grants/

About our donors

The SDCF distributed more than $18.8 million in grants in 2018 from all our grant programs and endowed funds, which made a tremendous difference in communities statewide. This would not have been possible without the generosity of our donors. If you have a specific cause you would like to support or would prefer to give for the general good of our state, please visit https://sdcommunityfoundation.org/for-donors/ to learn more or give us a call at (605) 224-1025.