Community Savings Accounts Provide Vehicle for Estate Gifts

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One of many reasons to start a community savings account (CSA) for your area is to provide a vehicle for a donor to leave an estate gift to their hometown. Many former or current residents of your area might have charitable goals and wish to give back locally.

Just recently, the Britton Area Foundation and Marshall County, South Dakota, benefitted from a $1.3 million estate gift from former South Dakota legislator and teacher, Donald Naddy. Because a CSA was established, Mr. Naddy had an organization to entrust with his estate dollars in his will and he knew those funds would be used locally, as he intended.

“The things that were Don’s passion will have funds to expand and flourish in Marshall County because of his philanthropy,” said Patty Roehr, Britton Area Foundation board member.  “Instead of having to find funds each time a worthwhile project comes up, we have funds to take care of things on a regular basis.”

The Britton Area Foundation was established in 1994 and has given back $678,000 to nonprofit projects in the Britton area since inception. With Mr. Naddy’s gift, the Foundation’s impact will reach even further.

“Giving to the Britton Area Foundation is a way to ensure the things you care about in your community are able to continue,” says Roehr.  “Having critical services, arts and recreation are just as important for the survival of our small towns as the industry and jobs. Folks will not move here if we have nothing but work to offer.”

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