Partnering with Mitchell Technical Institute

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Healthy partnerships are at the heart of many great business successes, and the same is true in the nonprofit sector. Over its nearly 30-year history, the South Dakota Community Foundation has partnered with nearly 100 nonprofits to create agency endowment funds. These partnerships allow educational institutions and charitable organizations to focus on helping people while the SDCF manages their endowments.

The SDCF and Mitchell Technical Institute (MTI) first partnered with one another in December 2013. In nearly three years, MTI’s endowment has grown from $850,000 to more than $2.5 million.

“The past three years have been a time of incredible change at our foundation, all of it driven by our mission of supporting the growth of Mitchell Technical Institute,” said Heather Lentz, MTI Foundation executive director. “We have examined and modernized our by-laws and policies, re-engaged our board, revamped our committee structure, developed a meaningful vision plan and completed our first-ever capital campaign at 140% of goal. Not the least of our accomplishments has been forging a trusted and secure investment relationship with the South Dakota Community Foundation.”

By creating an agency endowment fund at the SDCF, nonprofits can benefit from the SDCF’s professional investment services with added scale and lower costs. The SDCF also handles all audit and IRS reporting. Another sizable benefit the SDCF offers is its connection to a network of active donors across South Dakota. After learning about a donor’s charitable goals, the SDCF can connect the individual with the exciting and relevant work of one of our agency endowment fund holders.

“Overall our relationship with the South Dakota Community Foundation has provided us greater exposure and credibility within the South Dakota philanthropic community, which has contributed to our success,” said Lentz. “The SDCF is well-known and respected throughout the state, and it seemed logical that we should use that reputation to strengthen our proposals to donor prospects. We believe that, in some cases, it has compelled donors to invest in Mitchell Tech.”

The endurance and continued growth of nonprofits is an essential part of the SDCF’s mission to promote the social and economic well-being of the people of South Dakota. That’s why we partner with educational and charitable entities through agency endowment funds. We connect donors’ charitable dreams with the people who make a brighter tomorrow for South Dakota a reality.

“Our relationship with the SDCF has been nothing but positive. As our foundation has continued to grow, the SDCF has been a strategic partner in the area of investment options, and their experience helped with our growth,” said Rod Bowar, president, Mitchell Technical Institute Foundation Board of Trustees.

We love connecting generous people with nonprofits throughout the state. If you believe your organization would bene t from partnering with the SDCF through an agency endowment fund, please reach out to our staff at 800.888.1842.