Philanthropy Works:  Deb Bonte

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Philanthropy Works:  Deb Bonte

Today marks the start of another school year in Beresford, SD.  Excitement, anticipation, and maybe a bit of anxiety hang in the air on the first day.  New schools, new friends, new curriculum…and new TEACHERS.  When we think back on our education experiences, it’s hard to not remember a few of those special teachers.  The ones that challenged us, who were there to help us through tough times, and those who genuinely cared about our success both in school and life.  Deb Bonte was one of those special teachers. 

A few years back, Mrs. Bonte contacted the Library with an idea to start a summer tutoring program.  What began with just a few students quickly grew to include dozens.  Immersion courses soon followed for all students interested in keeping their brains active during the summer months.  Deb Bonte taught in Beresford for over 30 years before she passed away suddenly in July 2014.  While her dedication and passion for education will be truly missed, much of her work lives on.  The tutor program is still an important part of the Beresford Public Library, and to many children working hard to improve in school.  We are grateful that Deb Bonte had a passion for this work, and hope she inspires you to make a difference in your community.