Philanthropy Works:  Harmony SD

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Thirty-eight years ago in Caracas, Venezuela, Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu gathered 11 children into a parking garage to play music.  His system, El Sistema, was created to change the lives of low income children, while also transforming the communities in which they lived. 

Dan and Heidi Goeller decided that their passion for music could do similar things for the Sioux Falls area and its children.  Harmony provides a safe, afterschool environment, where youth can not only learn music, but can learn to become a vital part of their community.  Through Harmony South Dakota, they hope to develop a child’s self-discipline, self-confidence, concentration, coordination, emotional awareness, patience, cooperation, imagination, and cognition. 

This video will give you a behind the scenes look at the work of Harmony SD.  I think you’ll all agree…the smiles sported by these children are contagious.  


Harmony South Dakota from SD Community Foundation on Vimeo.