Philanthropy Works:  John Zilverberg

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John Zilverberg

One of our states centenarians has become somewhat of a celebrity lately. And for good reason. John Zilverberg recently competed in the National Senior Games, held in Minnesota. As the oldest competitor at this year’s games, news outlets (local and beyond) were clamoring to hear his story. They did a great job of featuring John and his athletic prowess.  What they missed, however, is the story about his philanthropic impact back home. 

In 2010, John Zilverberg made a gift to ensure the community of Highmore had bowling available to the young residents. Today, John’s family foundation has given back over $54,000 to various programs in the community and will be a financial asset for Highmore area nonprofit groups and programs for years to come. At 102 years of age, John does more than many people do when they are young. Let’s all wish him a happy birthday (feel free leave a comment on our Facebook page), while we offer sincere thanks for what he has given back to our state. Then, get inspired and do something great in your community!  There's no better time than now.