Philanthropy Works:  Mark and Cynthia Mickelson

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Mickelson family giving traditions

A 2014 Gallop poll found that South Dakotan’s are the 4th most likely to give time and/or money to a cause they care about.  The study also found a link between the well-being of a state’s residents and the amount they give back. 

In 1987, Governor George S. Mickelson joined a group of South Dakota leaders to establish the only statewide nonprofit foundation in South Dakota.   Lessons that Mark and Cynthia Mickelson have learned from their parents still resonate today.  Giving is a tradition in South Dakota.  This keeps our communities strong, social environments structured, physical health in check, and overall well-being near the top of the nation.  Residents like Mark and Cynthia make us proud to live in South Dakota.  What will you do to be philanthropic today?  Carry on an old tradition, or start a new one of your own.  Giving back is in our blood.  


Mark and Cynthia Mickelson - Family traditions from SD Community Foundation on Vimeo.