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The South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) presented a $3,500 Community Innovation Grant to Pathways Shelter for the Homeless, Inc. Funds will support securing a consultant to conduct a study that will be used for future planning purposes.

“Pathways has experienced major growth since our expansion in 2015”, said Jesse Bailey, Executive Director, Pathways Shelter for the Homeless. “We are at a point where we have had a waiting list to enter shelter for over a year. There are limited options for shelter in our area, so it’s on us to find a solution to help those in need of our services. The Community Innovation Grant from South Dakota Community Foundation gives Pathways the opportunity to hire an independent consultant to carry out a feasibility study, which will ultimately help us in deciding the next best steps for our organization. This study will allow our community and supporters to have a voice in the process.”

Originated in 1994, Pathways began as the “Yankton Area Homeless Shelter”. The first shelter was a two-story house that could hold three individuals. They are currently operating out of an old motel purchased in 2015 that has shelter space for up to 48 people. Pathways has been at capacity since 2018 and has a waiting list. They plan to hire an independent consultant to gain community feedback on expansion plans.

“The South Dakota Community Foundation is proud to partner with Pathways Shelter for the Homeless as they plan to meet their area’s expanding needs”, said Ginger Niemann, SDCF Senior Program Officer. “They are taking the necessary steps to make sure that partner agencies, donors, community members and clientele all have a voice in deciding what the next steps should be.”

A total of $400,000 will be available to nonprofits in 2019 through the Community Innovation Grant program. The second round has just been completed with successful applicants announced at the end of August. Applications for Round 3, 2019 will be accepted starting September 2nd.  Visit our website at to learn more about eligibility guidelines, deadlines for 2019 and application instructions.

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