SDCF Announces New Video Series

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The South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) is proud to announce a new video series promoting philanthropists and philanthropic initiatives in South Dakota.  The videos are the result of a partnership between the SDCF, OTA and Passenger. A total of 15 videos have been created to inspire, motivate to be philanthropic while educating the public about philanthropic endeavors in our state.       

“South Dakotan’s have amazing stories to tell, but are sometimes too humble to promote the great work they are doing,” said Buddy Seiner, Community Development Officer for the SDCF.  “We believe that storytelling will not only inspire others to give back to their community or favorite cause, but will also prompt them to tell their own story and multiply the good in our state.”  

The first two videos to be released through the South Dakota Community Foundation news site and various social media platforms will feature Operation Black Hills Cabin and the work of Ty Eschenbaum.   Operation Black Hills Cabin was established in 2011 as a way to thank qualified combat-disabled veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.  Ty Eschenbaum has established a foundation to provide financial support to youth cancer survivors and their families.  Additional videos will be released each month and may be found at or

“We are utilizing videos to showcase how residents in the OTA region Live, Play, and Do Good,” said Hugh Weber, President of OTA.  “We enjoy telling stories about our region’s leaders, and look forward to hearing how others have been inspired by them.”

Since 2009, OTA has served as a collaborative network for the region’s creative class, offering extraordinary experiences and engagements that educate, empower, and serve as a catalyst for community-builders and change agents to improve the lives of all people living in MinnesOTA, North DakOTA, and South DakOTA. 

The South Dakota Community Foundation is a public non-profit organization established in 1987. The Foundation commingles money from 700 funds for investment and administration purposes.  Earnings from $230 million are available for distribution for non-profit, charitable and scholarship purposes.