SDCF Awards Rapid City Area Nonprofits $56,000

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KEVN video of check presentation news story.

Watch a clip from KEVN about the grant presentation.

Stephanie Judson, president of the South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF), awarded $56,000 in grants during a check presentation ceremony in Rapid City on Friday, December 5.

  • Black Hills Knowledge Network accepted a $10,000 grant to create a unique information resource for policymakers, nonprofit organizations and engaged citizens across the state. 
  • Chiesman Center for Democracy was awarded a $10,000 grant to create Communities of Character in the Black Hills region and on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 
  • Front Porch Coalition was awarded a $10,000 grant to provide suicide prevention education and training to individuals at higher learning institutions. 
  • Youth & Family Services, Inc. received a $10,000 grant to launch its Mentoring, Encouraging & Nurturing Dads program.
  • South Dakota Hall of Fame received $11,000 to promote a web-based educational program to instill a culture of excellence in students inspired by the lives of influential South Dakotans. 
  • Black Hills Community Loan Fund, Inc. accepted a $5,000 grant to help economically disadvantaged individuals and families establish or re-establish credit and help them qualify for future home loan products offered by the organization. 

Funding for the four, $10,000 grants is part of the Community Innovation Grant program, which aims to uncover breakthroughs in community needs across the state. The SDCF in partnership with the St. Paul, MN-based Bush Foundation has awarded $225,000 through the program in 2014. The remaining grants were awarded from the South Dakota Fund, which meets vital and diverse needs across the state. 

Stephanie Judson, SDCF Program Officer Ginger Niemann, and SDCF board members, including Dr. Charles Hart, Deanna Lien and Peg Seljeskog, along with representatives from the organizations receiving grants were present at the check presentation ceremony.

Pictured above from left to right are: Dr. Richard Gowen, Vice-Chairman of the South Dakota Hall of Fame Board; Greta Chapman, South Dakota Hall of Fame CEO/President; along with SDCF Board Members Peg Seljeskog, Deanna Lien and Dr. Charles Hart.

SDCF President Stephanie Judson addess grant recipients and supporters at the check presentation in Rapid City.

Pictured above from left to right are: JoAnne Schriver, Interim Executive Director of the Black Hills Area Community Foundation; Eric Abrahamson, Project Director for the Black Hills Knowledge Network; along with SDCF Board Members Peg Seljeskog, Deanna Lien and Dr. Charles Hart.