Stronger South Dakota Challenge

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Mount Rushmore in South Dakota

Stronger South Dakota Challenge

There is one thing that unites communities, nonprofits, donors, and advisors. All of their contributions — whether it’s the work they do or the generous donations they give — make South Dakota stronger.

In honor of the work local foundations are doing across the state, the SD Community Foundation is proud to rally around the hashtag, #StrongerSouthDakota. 

Chances are good you’ve seen this hashtag on our social media profiles. We’re using it to raise awareness by featuring community and nonprofit projects funded by local foundations and nonprofit organizations that have received a SD Fund or Community Innovation grant from SDCF. By doing so, we hope to bring greater visibility to their important work and inspire others to make a lasting impact for their community.

SDCF partners with South Dakota communities, nonprofits, and donors to grow their charitable dollars through careful investment so their donations can provide long term support for charitable causes. We’re honored to partner with our community savings accounts and nonprofit partners to celebrate and spread the word on the difference we're making together.

Participating Communities in the #StrongerSouthDakota Challenge

Our 80 community savings accounts across South Dakota are creating a lasting impact for their local area thanks to very generous donors. With the help of donations, CSAs are able to spark growth in economic development, health, infrastructure, education, culture, and human services in South Dakota. 

So, how exactly are our partner community savings accounts impacting local communities? Here are three examples from participating organizations.

1. Beresford Community Foundation awarded a grant to fund the Outdoor Exploration Center. This center is excellent for pre-school and after school summer programs by encouraging outdoor education for kids and families. 

2. Tyndall Community Foundation provided funds for a city park project. The park is a great place for families to spend time outside, visit the playground, and catch fish in the public pond!

3. Centerville Area Foundation presented the Centerville Arts Council with funds for the play, Pinocchio. Community members put on a production each year to bring the town together for entertainment at a fun cultural event.

Check out our collection of participating community savings accounts in the #StrongerSouthDakota challenge! 

Local Grants for South Dakota Communities

Because of donors' generous contributions, these community savings accounts are able to fund many worthy charitable causes in their local area. To learn how you can make a donation to your local CSA, please visit our CSA list