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Check presentation at Black Hills Film Festival

The South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) presented a $10,000 South Dakota Fund grant to the Black Hills Film Festival.  Funds will provide partial support for South Dakota Stories and guest artists for film education.

“This grant from the South Dakota Community Foundation will help launch our organization into our second decade of continued success in fulfilling our mission – that of cultivating and sharing with the world, our South Dakota talent, culture, history and stories”, said Chris VanNess, Executive Director, Black Hills Film Festival.

The 10th annual Black Hills Film Festival is scheduled for May 1-5, 2019. It builds awareness of independent films and film as an art form. The Festival provides educational opportunities for students and South Dakota filmmakers and creates opportunities for South Dakota communities to experience high-quality films. The Black Hills Film Festival presents an opportunity for new expressions of cultures, histories, places and for non-mainstream stories to be told.

“The South Dakota Community Foundation is proud to partner with the Black Hills Film Festival as they work to expand the knowledge about South Dakota’s wealth of talent and culture”, said Ginger Niemann, SDCF Senior Program Officer. “We are pleased to play even a small part in sharing our state’s artistry with the world .”

The South Dakota Fund is an unrestricted fund that makes grants in support of culture, economic development, education, health and human services. The SDCF awards grants throughout the year to nonprofits that meet vital and diverse needs across the state. Interested applicants can learn more by visiting

About our donors

The SDCF distributed more than $13.5 million in grants in 2017 which made a tremendous difference in communities statewide. This would not have been possible without the generosity of our donors. If you have a specific cause you would like to support or would prefer to give for the general good of our state, please visit to learn more or give us a call at (605) 224-1025.