Tyndall Community Foundation: Success Through Dedicated Leadership

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Last month, Ginger Neimann, SDCF Grant Program Officer, and I had the privilege to meet with Janet Wagner and Judith Mace, board members of the Tyndall Community Foundation.  A fun part of this job is to see communities reach their goals and this community savings account recently hit the $200,000 mark. With dedicated leadership and a community that understands the community savings account concept, Tyndall is set up for success.

The Tyndall Community Foundation was established in 2009 when the South Dakota Community Foundation issued a $25,000 challenge grant if the community raised $100,000 by October 2013. Tyndall met their challenge ahead of schedule in July 2013 and received the matching dollars.

With the growth of these funds, the Tyndall Community Foundation has granted nearly $20,000 to charitable organizations in the area. This year, the Community Foundation granted awards to St. Leo's Respect for Life Prayer Garden (open to the community) and FFA to build more benches for Main Street for their fall semester project. Tyndall also committed to awarding grants to the city park playground equipment, a bronze statue project for the city pond, a grant towards the pond fountain project and two high school scholarships.

The Tyndall Community Foundation has put into place very creative fundraisers including a “Round-Up for Tyndall” program. City utility users will receive a postcard in the mail explaining how to donate to the Tyndall Community Foundation by rounding up their utility bill to the nearest dollar.  The round up dollars are sent directly to the Tyndall Community Foundation fund. Since 2010, approximately $3,600 has been raised through this program.

Other fundraisers the board has implemented include memorial cards and a Thanksgiving ask letter to alumni, residents and friends of Tyndall. This year’s letter included a challenge called “$100 for Ten”- $100 per year for 10 years. Options included full payment or other increments.  

It was very inspirational to meet Judy and Janet and hear their stories of success through creativity. Great things are happening in Tyndall and I look forward to hearing about many more. To learn more about the Tyndall Community Foundation you can visit their website here or visit their Facebook page.

Jamie Farmen, Community Development Coordinator